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Taste notes : Toasty, Vanilla & Roasted Caramel
Freshly produced within 2-7 days

Savour the intense toasty aroma as you take a sip of our 100% Premium Japanese Hojicha. The flavour then develops mellowly into a smooth caramel like flow leaving a vanilla aftertaste. That is the journey that our pure Japanese Hojicha will take you on.

Hojicha is not as common as matcha in Southeast Asia. Therefore, finding true and pure hojicha could be extremely challenging. Pure hojicha should originate from Kyoto and is made by roasting only hand picked green tea leaves and stems. The roasting process is crucial to give hojicha its signature earthy aroma and reddish-brown color while removing bitterness from the green tea.

Our high quality hojicha is naturally low in caffeine, contains no additives, and no unnecessary blending or processing; offering many of the benefits of traditional Japanese green tea while containing virtually no caffeine or bitterness.

  • 100% Hojicha powder
  • 2 Minute to enjoy the best Hojicha indulgent.
  • High Quality Resealable Pack
  • FREE Shipping for West Malaysia
  • Available in 100G | 300G | 500G 

100% Premium Japanese Hojicha

RM78.00 Regular Price
RM36.00Sale Price
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