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Origin: Ivory Coast, Ghana & Congo
Taste notes : Caramel & Butter
Freshly produced within 2-7 days

Our 60% Dark Chocolate was specially crafted to be enjoyed by chocolate lovers of all ages. Be amazed when the perfect blend of creamy and bittersweet caramel notes tantalize your palates. That’s not all, our dark chocolate drinks offer low calories despite the richness.

And if you a busy person who barely has time for a hearty hot chocolate in the morning or soothing iced chocolate in the evening, QUA 60% Dark Chocolate  is made for you. Sourcing the best cocoa and all natural New Zealand skimmed milk blend, our QUA Dark Chocolate drinks can be prepared in just 20 seconds.


ALSO, dark chocolates are also well-known for anti-aging benefits. So, office ladies or businesswomen, we are here to give you the fastest solution to getting your chocolate drinks craving fixed.


  • 60% Cocoa powder
  • 2 Minute to enjoy the best chocolate indulgent
  • High Quality Resealable Pack
  • FREE Shipping for West Malaysia
  • Available in 500G 

60% Dark Chocolate (500g)

RM58.00 Regular Price
RM45.00Sale Price
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