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Combo 100%

RM 300.00

100% Dark Chocolate (500g) 
Origin: Ivory Coast, Ghana & Congo
Taste notes : Earthy & Truffle
- One of a kind, that’s all we can say about our 100% Dark Chocolate. We are proud to be the very first to serve everyone’s all time favourite drink in its purest form. Ideal for experienced chocolate drinkers as each sip will be a journey to discovering cocoa enlightenment.

100% Premium Kyoto Uji Matcha (500g)
Taste notes : Rich Umami & Cream
- Our 100% Premium Kyoto Uji Matcha incorporates unique grinding technology to ensure all the beneficial properties of Matcha are preserved. This magical beverage has an abundance of antioxidants and polyphenols which increases metabolism rate while functioning as natural antidepressants.

100% Premium Japanese Hojicha (500g)
Taste notes : Toasty, Vanilla & Roasted Caramel
- Savour the intense toasty aroma as you take a sip of our 100% Premium Japanese Hojicha. The flavour then develops mellowly into a smooth caramel like flow leaving a vanilla aftertaste. That is the journey that our pure Japanese Hojicha will take you on.

  • 3 Pack of 500G Bundle Combo
  • 100% Dark Chocolate powder |100% Match Powder | 100% Hojicha Powder
  • 2 Minute to enjoy the best beverage indulgent
  • High Quality Resealable Pack
  • FREE Shipping for West Malaysia
  • Freshly produced within 2-7 days