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Combo B

RM 170.00

60% Dark Chocolate (500g)
Origin: Ivory Coast, Ghana & Congo
Taste notes : Caramel & Butter
- Our 60% Dark Chocolate was specially crafted to be enjoyed by chocolate lovers of all ages. Be amazed when the perfect blend of creamy and bittersweet caramel notes tantalize your palates. That’s not all, our dark chocolate drinks offer low calories despite the richness.

80% Dark Chocolate (500g)
Origin: Ivory Coast, Ghana & Congo
Taste notes : Hazelnut & Musky
- Experience the true aroma of cocoa with our 80% Dark Chocolate. Not compromising on the smoothness yet extra rich tasting cocoa, this will surely be appreciated by avid chocolate drinkers who cherish the natural extravagant taste of cocoa.

70% Premium Kyoto Uji Matcha (500g)
Taste notes : Umami, Vanilla & Nippy
- Sourced directly from a certified organic tea plantation in Kyoto, we grind the tea leaves in-house in Malaysia to ensure the freshest batch of Uji Matcha reaches your doorstep. Our 70% Premium Kyoto Uji Matcha guarantees a rich sophisticated flavour profile made up of bold aroma with subtle creaminess in each cup.

  • 3 Pack of 500G Bundle Combo
  • 60% Dark Chocolate powder (500g) | 80% Dark Chocolate powder (500g) | 70% Matcha Powder (500g)
  • 2 Minute to enjoy the best beverage indulgent
  • High Quality Resealable Pack
  • FREE Shipping for West Malaysia
  • Freshly produced within 2-7 days