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QUA Ethiopia Berries Blend

RM 36.00

Grind size: Whole bean, Coarse, Medium Coarse, Medium, Fine, Extra Fine Origin: Brazil & Ethiopia
Species: 100% Arabica
Taste Notes: Blueberry, Fruity & Sweet Caramel
Freshly roasted within 2-7 days

Specialty coffee refers all the way back to the primary step in a production, the plantation. Only healthy plants planted in the right soil can qualify the bean selection stage.The carefully selected beans are then roasted with proper equipment by skilled roasters. The beans must be packed properly to retain its potential flavours when waiting to be grounded. The ground size of specialty coffee beans are important depending on the preferred brewing method as the exposed surface area can cause more rapid oxidation. With all that said, the process of making specialty coffee requires perfection to the detail in every step of the production, making it special.

Here in QUA, we source the coffee beans for our specialty coffee mainly from Brazil, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Columbia. Only selecting the beans from certified plantation, our experts with 26 years of roasting experience will pack small roasted batches to be grounded to your preferred size only when the order is placed. This ensures minimal oxidation and the freshest coffee grounds to reach your doorstep.

  • 100% Arabica
  • Whole Bean
  • High Quality Resealable Pack
  • FREE Shipping for West Malaysia
  • Available in 250G 500G